Music Licensing API Lets You Sound Legally Awesome

Rumblefish, champion of what is good and just and legally musical, will help you change your tune for the better.  This company has produced a music licensing API so that you can add copyrighted songs to your YouTube videos.  Of course the concept can be applied more widely and liberally.  Rumblefish has even devised custom license ‘portals’ that present licensing options based on the intended use of the music.  This implies that the agreement and cost of licensing a track could be more expensive depending on where and how it is used.

Rumblefish is getting pretty serious.  Last month it announced some impressive statistics: a music catalog of more than 400,000 tracks with 4 million unique licenses to date.  That's a lot of music and a lot of dough.  It is one of only two music licensing APIs .  The other music licensing API in our index is AudioSocket who, with a catalog coming in at 30,000 songs, is a niche service.

Licensing music as early as 2006, Rumblefish has been trending from corporate licensing toward licensing for individual social media participant.  The underlying imperative being that there are many users out there that would pay to legally license music and that they would do so if there was a convenient way to do it.  To reach those users on whichever network or device they may be using,  Rumblefish has released a RESTful JSON API for music searching & licensing.  This will allow developers to create applications that supply copyrighted audio content to users of all manner of social media.

The YouTube API is open and available, simply begging to be mashed up with Rumblefish.  How about an App that records video, and adds a high quality soundtrack all in one?  With luck, and maybe a developer contest, Rumblefish will share the glory with a few keen programmers.

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