Music, Spam, and Innovation Maps

Three different kinds of map examples added over the past couple of days (two of the geographic type, one of visualization sort):

  • Musicmap: Uses a Flash interface for a novel music search mechanism for finding albums similar to the ones you know.
  • Spam Map: The handy Mailinator service gives you free and disposable email address. But they get spam too. Lots of it. About a million a day. This shows you the spam source locations.
  • Web 2.0 Innovation Map: Google Maps mashup of Web 2.0 applications showing where approximately 200 web startups are located. By Ryan Williams.

Note that the Innovation Map uses Google Maps for display and the Yahoo! Geocoding API for converting addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates. This pairing is becoming a popular combination these days as Google does not offer a geocoding service and Yahoo!'s web service is quite good.

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