MusixMatch API Could Be Music to Developer Ears

Music is what connects all of us together. Music Lyrics are one of the most searched items on the Internet and one would expect that the Lyrics data would be accessible via one or more APIs. We list 8 Lyrics APIs in our directory but in the past this has got into trouble over copyright issues. The MusixMatch API wishes to change all of that by giving you access to 5 million officially licensed lyrics.

We recently covered two excellent instant mashups, Jiffy Lyrics and instaLyrics, that help search lyrics.  And guess what? Both of them used the MusixMatch API. Visit the Developer Portal to get started with the MusixMatch API. You need to sign up to get an API Key that is needed while invoking its API.

The API is REST based and returns data in either JSON(default), XML or JSONP. The API is nicely designed and at most you need to invoke the method first to retrieve any tracks that were found with the words that you want to seach for either artist, lyrics or track. Then for any of the matching results, you can retrieve the lyrics by invoking the track.lyrics.get method. There are several other methods and developers can look them up in the API Wiki. The API is hosted at:

For example, I searched for “We are the champions” by Queen via a call to first:

This returns back a TrackID, that you can then use to get the lyrics via the track.lyrics.get method.

The music industry is complex and copyright issues abound. MusixMatch API aims to address that by giving you an API that steers clear of issues and lets you focus on your application that needs music lyrics. So if you are looking to integrate music lyrics into your application, musixMatch API could be music to your ears.

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[...] be the premiere source of authorized, organized, and verified lyric information. It could also be music to developer ears, as we wrote last [...]