The Must-Attend API Event Tuesday in San Jose

The Small Business Web Summit is Tuesday in San Jose and "small" doesn't do justice to the big names involved. Some huge companies like Google, Intuit and eBay are involved. So are many smaller companies that make a giant impact on the workflow of thousands of businesses with their API-driven services. That's why there's a whole afternoon, co-organized by ProgrammableWeb, to talk APIs and their impact on developers and small businesses.

The event will have an unconference, roundtable feel, and each session will kick off with a short talk to set the context. The two roundtables look at how APIs can enable developers and how real-time offers many opportunities.

Enabling Developers: Make Your API Irresistible
What's on your API checklist? Clear Documentation, interactive exploration and support for a quick hello world should be up there. Small design decisions can make a big difference in a developer's experience. This roundtable identifies some best practices and aims to discuss how they can be applied to your API.
Led by Joe Dennis, ItDuzzit and Ray Anderson, Batchblue

Real-time APIs: Save Our Servers, Serve the Customers
There are several different approaches to real-time and they're not just for high volume services like Twitter. This roundtable discussion starts with the different real-time models and dives into the opportunities for those who embrace the push-oriented future.
Led by Wade Foster, Zapier

The Small Business Web was founded in 2009 to help its member companies integrate with each other to create better tools for small businesses.

The alliance, which started with five members, is now made up of nearly 200 companies, which you can explore in the app directory.

If you're in the San Jose area, check out the full agenda and buy your Summit pass.

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