"Muther of All Hackathons" Offers Great Prizes (And You Don't Have to Bring Mom)

Hackathons always produce new apps, but how about one that also encourages updating what you already have? That's the case with The Muther of all hackathons, in which new and enhanced apps are both eligible for some great prizes. The Wireless Industry Partnership has scheduled more than 24 hours during which it hopes developers produce 100 new or enhanced apps.  Lofty, yes, but we all know what a group of passionate developers can make with the right motivation. And you can go to Silicon Valley June 24 and 25 to make it happen. Read on and we may even cover your ticket to the event.

The theme of this conference is developer engagement.  The sponsors clearly see this as an opportunity to find and encourage talented programmers to work on their platforms.  Expert tables will be staffed with technical talent to help you work with APIs and SDKs from Verizon, Sencha, AppsGeyser and others.

The hackathon has a bunch of interesting categories of competition.  AT&T  wants to see a eco-focused app with accessibility features come out of this conference.  Win that category and get a shot at selling to their 90 million customers.  Immersion is looking for the best Android app that incorporates touch feedback.  If you've got an app idea that shows off your HTML5 skills, you can win with that as well.

Prizes include tempting technology like MacBook Airs, iPad 2s, paid travel to the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, and more.  Not too shabby for a 24+ hour event that leaves you with a working app & new professional connections to boot.  If you need to be tempted further, ProgrammableWeb is going to give a ticket to the first 10 commenters to answer this question:  "How have APIs affected your Mother?"

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