Muvi: Lights, Camera, Action For Web And Mobile Devices

Muvi is a social movie Platform where users can access information on movies and celebrities, watch actual trailers and even interact with other users who may have similar movie interests. In addition, users can 'like' a video, see it's popularity, win points and badges and become a fan of a celebrity, engaging with them via tweets. The application supports four languages and provides information on over 100,000 movies and 1 million celebrities from both Hollywood and Bollywood.

The Muvi API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Muvi with other applications. It also gives them the option to create new applications.

Key Features:

  • It supports any platform or device, be it web or mobile.
  • The data sits on top of multiple cloud layers and it is reliable and scalable.
  • Communication with the API is encrypted, so there is a level of security.
  • It provides custom code, allowing developers to make use of Sample Code templates to speed up the Integration process.
  • A pay-per-usage pricing system means developers only pay for what they use.

Developers who are interested in accessing the API will need to contact the company via email:

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