Mux Launches API for Live Streaming Video to Large Audiences

Mux, a streaming video technology company, has launched its Live Streaming API which developers can use to build applications that support scalable live video streaming on mobile, desktop, and TV. The Mux Video Live Streaming API makes it possible for developers to integrate Mux live streaming video capabilities with applications by adding only a few lines of code. Once a live stream is provisioned with Mux, it is available for streaming immediately as opposed to having a 3-5-minute delay. The Mux Platform also includes a Live-to-VOD feature which allows each live stream video to be stored and replayed later. A file-based archive is instantly available once the live stream has ended.

In addition to the new Video Live Streaming API, the company offers two other products: Mux Video and Mux Data. Mux Data is an analytics platform that measures a variety of video-related User Experience metrics such as video quality, rebuffering, and errors. Mux Video is an advanced video streaming solution that handles video encoding, storage, and delivery. Mux Data is included in each Mux Video stream by default. In November 2017, the company began accepting applications for early access to the Mux Video API.

"We built the Mux Video Live Streaming API because we know first-hand how difficult it is to handle live encoding and streaming at scale," said Mux CEO and co-founder Jon Dahl in a prepared statement. "Building file-based video streaming is hard enough, and live is 10x more difficult. We’ve made it easy for any developer to support scalable, high-quality live video with just a few lines of code."

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