Mux Opens Early Access to Mux Video API

Mux, maker of online video tools and infrastructure, has announced early access to Mux Video. Mux Video is an API that prepares video for streaming online. Built by online video veterans, the Mux team built Mux Video as a result of a paradox that has arisen with the increased popularity of online video. According to Mux, as online video has grown, working with online video has gotten more difficult.

"We built Mux Video to make it easier to build great online video experiences," Jon Dahl, Mux co-founder and CEO, commented in a press release. "Developers want a simple API that lets them stream video to any device, at high quality, at scale.... Must Video will make this possible."

Online video continues to grow, but the intricacies involved in presenting a high quality, high performance video have grown as well. Video infrastructure includes an increasing number of elements (e.g. encoding, playback, delivery, workflow, ads, metadata, the list goes on). The Mux team claims to have solved complexity issues surrounding online video in the past (Zencoder made video transcoding possible through and API, Video.js allowed easy access to the HTML5 video player for the migration away from Flash, and Mux Data simplified the ability to monitor video streaming performance). Mux Video is yet another page in this team's story of simplifying online video.

Using the Mux Video API is simple. First, POST a video to the API. In response, the developer will receive, GET, a video URL. The URL is ready to play on any device, across any platform. In between the POST and the GET, Mux takes care of complex decisions like bitrate selection and CDN. All of these decisions are based on data. For more details, check out the Mux Video site.

Mux is currently accepting applications for early access to Mux Video. Request access here. Mux plans on opening up the product as generally available in early 2018. stay tuned to the Mux blog for updates.

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