MX Announces New APIs and Developer Portal for its Financial Services

MX, a financial data Platform that operates with the expressed aim of powering modern financial experiences, has announced a new platform designed to provide partners with APIs that can be used to develop personalized digital experiences. The all-new MX Open platform comprised of three core elements: MX Portal, MX Platform API, and MX Path.

The newly introduced MX Portal is a central hub that provides developers with Documentation, Financial Data Exchange FDX guidance, and best practices to help improve onboarding. The announcement highlighted a focus on security and adherence to FDX 4.1 standards.

The MX Platform APITrack this API that supports this effort is designed to provide support for integration with “customer account information and verify and authenticate identity, assets, balances, and amounts.” The idea is to provide an API that enables accurate, reliable account information at scale.

Finally, MX Path is a new API that aims to help financial institutions and fintechs simplify Integration with services, apps, and systems.

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