MyBlogLog API Launches

Besides making big news last week by announcing support of OpenID, the folks at Yahoo also launched the MyBlogLog API. This promises to be an interesting API with lots of social applications. It's initially launching in limited beta but you can sign-up now and get access to the code, the docs and an interactive test console. In their announcement Yahoo's Jason Levitt describes what to expect:

You've seen those catchy Recent Reader widgets all over the web, and maybe you've even added your profile and web sites to Now, the MyBlogLog team is happy to announce that the MyBlogLog API is opening up for an invite-only beta which you can signup for here. You can use the API to retrieve lists of readers, tags, and members of MyBlogLog communities, search for members, get a member's profile data including sites authored, tags, and identities on other sites, and more.

And along with our new MyBlogLog API profile we also have our mashup listing using the API, Kent Brewster's proof of concept mashup, that "Gets current visitors for a site, queries the API for tags and user IDs on outside services, and displays current Twitter status, if one exists."

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[...] It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned MyBlogLog on my blog, but they are still one of my favorite web 2.0 companies that I use daily as a blogger to track where my traffic is coming from. And the latest news from them? An API!! [...]

[...] And once again, the YouTube API continues to become increasingly popular, now with 221 YouTube mashups here. The latest entry, shown below, is for Kent Brewster’s Blog Juice that combines 9 different APIs including the new MyBlogLog API (our earlier coverge here). [...]

[...] and has not ruled out closing down the site–and its API (our MyBlogLog API profile). When the MyBlogLog API launched, it looked to have a promising future, though this was before Facebook and Google released similar [...]