MyCaption Boasts Accurate And Secure Voice Recognition Technology

While on the go, trying to type long emails and messages with your thumbs can be clumsy and frustrating. For those busy bodies who chase the clock, being able to dictate messages and emails while being mobile would be a great solution. Voice recognition software systems are just the thing for practicality and convenience; if they're accurate and secure of course. MyCaption is a team of developers who create voice enabled mobile apps and the MyCaption API.

The companys mission is to empower individuals with greater business productivity by voice-enabling smartphone applications, enabling the user to use their voice both accurately and securely. The company first introduced its flagship product, MyCaption for BlackBerry® smartphone, in August 2008. The product includes the following features:

  • There is ample dictation time and users are able to speak comfortably and naturally.
  • This voice recognition software system is accurate and secure.
  • The product includes a convenience key that allows the user to compose a new email by simply clicking this key.
  • There are compose, reply and reply all options on mails.
  • Users can include attachments on mails.
  • Users have the option to review before sending mail.
  • There is support for multiple email accounts.
  • It includes support for PIN messages.
  • The product supports all BlackBerry® devices on OS 4.2.1 and higher.
  • It works on all carriers worldwide and currently supports the English language.
  • This BlackBerry application becomes a part of the menu, not just in Email, but also in Calendar, Tasks, Memopad, and Conctacts.

The MyCaption Speech To Text API is available for quickly integrating speech recognition capability to products. Developers who are interested in making use of this data can contact MyCaption and try out the API. A Developer's Guide and Sample Code will be provided.

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