myCOVIDrisk API Allows Companies to Track COVID-19 Risk to their Business and Workforce

Lepton Software, a GIS software provider, has announced myCOVIDrisk software and API. The new COVID-19 risk mapping solution helps businesses understand COVID-19 risks associated with their workforce, routes, assets, products, and more. The API tracks quarantine and containment zones in real-time.

Using the Platform, businesses can identify employees living in or traveling through COVID-19 hotspots. The same applies for order requests from or deliveries to customers who might be in these hotspots. Whether it's employees, customers, or other third-party partners, myCOVIDrisk allows businesses to identify risks associated with interactions and advise and plan accordingly.

myCOVIDrisk uses Google Maps as the underlying technology. Pairing the maps data with COVID-19 hotspot data, myCOVIDrisk can avoid interactions with hot spot areas, and suggest routes around such areas. Public Documentation is not currently available. For access, fill out the form at the myCOVIDrisk site.

A single employee infected with COVID-19 can shut a business down, or set it back weeks or months during an attempt to get back to business as usual. Lepton hopes myCOVIDrisk will allow employers to proactively evaluate their COVID-19 risk and respond accordingly.

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