MyDoorHandle Delivers API Access to Virtual Address Solution

MyDoorHandle allows users to create short, memorable weblinks that point to physical locations: DoorHandles. Instead of sharing physical addresses (which easily become outdated or incomplete), DoorHandles create a digital address which are easy to create and continually ensure accuracy.  MyDoorHandle has now expanded its offering to include API access to DoorHandle creation. The API will allow third party developers to incorporate MyDoorHandle's many location based services. Shaamiel Gabier, MyDoorHandle lead developer, explained:

"The new [offering] is about minimising the steps a user has to follow in order to create a door handle. In the old site it used to be page one, finding the location, page two, name the location, and page three, fill in whatever other details there are available to add to it....We have basically managed to streamline the functionality into one process. Before there used to be three buttons and now you are only clicking one....We’re hoping [the API] will replace contact forms with maps on the side showing where the location is."

The API allows users to create DoorHandles. In addition, sites can store addresses and locations of customers and online orders. The functionality is targeted to enhance logistics and record keeping functionality. The API is available for both web and mobile Integration. The API allows developers to access a major logistics enhancement without investing in expensive proprietary software. The API works in a simple, 4-step process. First, capture the locations (e.g. latitude/longitude) of  a customer or order. Second, call the MyDoorHandle API to create a unique DoorHandle for the customer or order. Next, store the DoorHandle against the record of the customer or order. Finally, use MyDoorHandle's web and mobile tools for all location based logistics and delivery requirements. To learn more, visit the developer site.

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