MyEclipse 2014 Adds REST Server API Automation

Genuitec, LLC, an enterprise Java and mobile development tools provider, has announced the full Integration of Cloud APIs and enhanced REST Services in MyEclipse 2014 Workbench. Previous releases of MyEclipse provided developers with only limited REST services support. The release of MyEclipse 2014 provides developers the ability to generate REST services using simple click-through wizards.

MyEclipse 2014

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MyEclipse is an enterprise-class Java IDE that allows developers to quickly and efficiently build Java, web and mobile apps. The release of MyEclipse 2014 includes many new features and greater attention on enterprise mobile enablement and REST services. New features include Java EE 7 support, automatic REST services generation, mobile tooling, and Mylyn 3.9 and EGit 3.1 is now included by default.

One of the key new features added to MyEclipse 2014 is the automatic generation of server-side REST APIs for existing enterprise services. Now developers can use simple click-through wizards to generate new REST APIs for their existing applications which can then be used to create modified mobile versions of those same applications. Todd Williams, VP of Technology at Genuitec, told ProgrammableWeb that:

"We're focusing our attention on enterprise mobile enablement. We have a very large customer base that have spent years building enterprise applications for desktop delivery. Now they want to take those same systems, with appropriately modified User Experience, to mobile devices and we want to make that as easy as possible for them."

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Todd Williams also told ProgrammableWeb that for MyEclipse 2015 the company plans on adding the ability for developers to automatically consume popular APIs such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. For MyEclipse 2014 REST server API automation was added and for MyEclipse 2015 easy REST client automation will be added.

MyEclipse has a wide audience, from individual developers to large corporations. The IDE is especially useful when building large-scale enterprise systems. Todd Williams told ProgrammableWeb that:

"Developers choose MyEclipse to be their modern application development Platform for it's ease of adoption and incorporation of the latest development trends. MyEclipse has a long history of bringing users simplicity and efficiency to Eclipse-based development and is now giving users the ability to harness cloud based technologies, REST and Cloud APIs, with simple click-through wizards."

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