Myfox API Allows Integration With Home Security Products

Connected, intelligent home automation systems are becoming more and more popular. Being able to activate your house alarm, control your shutters, or turn your lights on and off with a simple swipe on your mobile device takes convenience and security to another level. Home surveillance and security company Myfox provides an API that allows developers to access this functionality and encourages them to build new applications around Myfox’s technology.

Myfox provides a number of solutions for home surveillance and security. These include a rolling alarm system that can be controlled remotely and gives a warning before an intrusion has occurred; an HD security camera with motion detection that allows users to keep an eye on their homes even when they’re away; and a home automation system that allows users to control lighting, heating and more. By accessing the Myfox API, developers are able to integrate their own apps and services with these products. They can do things like build new mobile apps, incorporate Myfox into their custom websites and integrate Myfox with their home management systems.

The API is free and open to anyone, but if developers are intending to use it for commercial purposes, they will need to make prior arrangements with the folks at Myfox. An API developer account will be required in order to access the API, but once this is created, developers will be able to start constructing their API calls right away, in the programming language of their choice. The company is also committed to constantly improving on the API and its functionality, and it encourages users to contact it regarding any bug reports or feature requests. Further API information is available on Myfox’s website.

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