MyJobHelper API Provides Job Search Content for Third-Party Apps

The world of digital job hunting is peppered with job sites, all offering a quick and easy way to search for work opportunities. Employees want a list of talented candidates to choose from, and job seekers want a list of exciting roles to apply for. The two come together in easy-to-use applications that offer this information instantly. It's a big business. MyJobHelper is one of these sites, and the availability of its API means that developers can add this content to their own sites or applications.

The aim of MyJobHelper, a fast-growing job site, is to provide users with information on the most relevant jobs as quickly as possible. The company works to achieve this by keeping the process simple and effective. The site works by gathering millions of job listings daily and filtering them to match the user's exact search criteria, such as location, expertise and date available. By providing an API, MyJobHelper offers a partnership program for any third-party website looking to add job search content. Using this API, sites will have access to millions of jobs, a lot of which are the highest paying and exclusive to MyJobHelper.

Those interested in making use of the MyJobHelper API will need to create a publisher account. The sign-up form and further information is available on the website.

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