Myna A/B Testing API: The Bird That Tests Your Website Fast

Myna specializes in A/B testing of websites, using multi armed bandit algorithms to learn on the fly. This means fewer page views are required for testing, which means faster learning, faster ROI. The result, Myna says, is increased conversions. The RESTful Myna API returns JSON and JSONP responses. It uses basic access authentication. On the API website it shows how to implement the API in HTML, JavaScript and other languages, as well as how experiments are identified by UUIDs (universally unique identifiers), which show up on your testing dashboard and are needed by the API.

Todd Silverstein, co-founder of Vizify, explains how Myna was useful when page views spiked,

'We recently had a big wave of press that caused our traffic to spike up significantly. We were super impressed with Myna's performance. In this case, our visitor demographics had a different profile from our regular visitors. Myna dynamically picked up on the change and quickly found that our 3rd-best-performing landing page copy performed way better with the the new traffic, and began serving that much more — meaningfully increasing our conversions in real time. Super cool!"

Myna also has a blog that is an ongoing discussion of topics related to A/B testing, from how to set up and experiment, to how to identify culprits when problems crop up such as customers being distracted during check out and not completing the transaction.

Pricing starts at free and escalates based on traffic on your site.

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