MYOB API Developer Program Enjoys Massive Growth

The MYOB AccountRight Live API just celebrated its first anniversary. As MYOB looks back at the API's first year, it must be pleased with the results. Its API developer program grew from 65 developers to over 800. The add-ons have increased to 70 and the total number of members in the program now sits at over 1,200.

MYOB Chief Technology Officer, Simon Raik-Allen, commented on the success:

"We’ve been enjoying great traction with the AccountRight Live API and great feedback that it’s easy to use. Back in Sept we released invoices and bills Integration along with revamping our developer centre and that really drove big growth in adoption - from 400 developer partners to more than 800 six months later."

Although the API has seen major feature expansion and increased uptake, MYOB shows no signs of slowing down. MYOB is scheduled to add timesheets and payroll integration to the API next quarter. Raik-Allen explained that new partners are joining each week as positive word about the API spreads via word of mouth. He expanded:

"MYOB is working closely with our API developers to highlight the benefits of their add-ons to potential and existing clients and help strengthen their overall proposition. We’re heavily focused on collaborating to drive their sales and marketing efforts so they see increased profits and improved business potential."

An effective business process API should always encourage the API enthusiast community. The goal of such an API is to streamline business, decrease manual tasks, and increase efficiency. Whenever an API like AccountRight Live enjoys such success, the APIs of the world make their own argument. Keep an eye on MYOB as it continues to expand on its success.

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