MyRouteOnline Announces Two New Route Planning APIs

MyRouteOnline announced the immediate availability of two application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable easy Integration of the MyRouteOnline route planner with any 3rd party software.

“These APIs mean that customers can integrate MyRouteOnline with their back-office business software (ERM, CRM, etc.)” said Inbal Axelrod, CMO of MyRouteOnline. “Now our customers can use these APIs to benefit even more from our easy-to-use routing software, streamlining their experience and saving them a great deal of time.”

  • The “Manual API” enables automatic address upload with routing requirements and download of route planning results. This API allows external applications (ERM, CRM, etc) to partially automate the routing process with MyRouteOnline, and the route-planning is done with MyRouteOnline route-planner GUI (web).
  • The “Full API” is a pure Server-to-Server API (with no GUI). It allows the integration of the MyRouteOnline routing capabilities with any RESTful web-service enabled software.

MyRouteOnline customers already use these APIs to integrate route planning into commonly used business software tools, such as:

  • Digitally dispatch routes to TomTom WEBFLEET, where orders are transmitted to each TomTom PRO driver terminal in the optimal order. Drivers begin with the first order, starting at the bottom of the list. When an order is completed, the next order automatically starts.
  • Export orders on Shopify, which are directly delivered into MyRouteOnline. Users can simply click ‘Plan My Route’ to optimize the route.
  • Export leads or contacts from ZoHo CRM software into MyRouteOnline. Users select the addresses, which automatically go to the MyRouteOnline Route Planner for route planning.

Both APIs were driven by customer feedback and are part of MyRouteOnline’s long-term efforts to make our route planning service as easy as possible for businesses from different industries, and all around the world.

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