MySpace Platform Launches

The MySpace Developer Platform launches today. It's certainly big news when the world's largest social network launches their Platform and we've updated our MySpace API Profile with the latest details. Here's some of the key news points to keep in mind:

  • The actual release of the platform is being done in stages. This initial one month " Sandbox" phase is designed to allow developers to build fully functional production apps for development, testing and feedback, but they are limited to being installed by a maximum of three users.
  • Full platform release to all users is expected in early March. The app gallery will launch at that time also.
  • In a somewhat different model than other recent social API launches they are not pre-launching with a "select group" of widget providers like RockYou and Slide in order to mitigate any first mover advantage.
  • Apps can appear on a user's personal page, not just the public page, perhaps leading to a new class of app.
  • As we reported earlier it will be OpenSocial compatible with MySpace extensions.
  • APIs include JavaScript, REST and ActionScript.
  • Developers can monetize and retain all revenue from their canvas pages.
  • MySpace will eventually be offering "HyperTargetting" and "SelfServe" ads to developers.
  • They are keeping a close eye on trying to ensure applications are good citizens as you can see in the fairly lengthy application guidelines.
  • Developers will have access to public profile data like
  • Apps can be built with JavaScript and HTML or using Flash
  • MySpace has been working with Google and the Caja Project to test apps and JavaScript for security vulnerabilities before going live.

Here's a mockup screen shot for a sample MySpace app:

myspace app

For more on the story see Adam Ostrow, ZDNet's Larry Dignan, Marshall Kirkpatrick and more at Techmeme.

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