MySpace Platform to Launch February 5th

The social platform battles continue to pick-up steam: the latest news comes from MySpace who are said to be launching their developer platform next week on February 5th. COO Amit Kapur, in interviews with Erick Schonfeld and Adam Ostrow reports that the platform will support OpenSocial from launch and that privacy, monetization, and data ownership will be top priorities for the platform. At the moment, the new page has a form that lets you pre-register. We'll update our MySpace API profile with more details as they're made public.

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Comments (2)

@prophet - I think that's a very cynical thing to say. For a start OpenSocial itself is not a compete spec and is still evolving (currently in version 0.7).

Facebook continues to evolve its platform, in fact show me any platform that was launched completely finished with no further improvements made.

And if MySpace was firmly declaring the entire platform was finished on day 1 then how would it be able to listen to developers and improve the implementation based on their feedback?

(Disclosure, I work with MySpace on their Developer Platform)

Myspace likes to launch uncomplete products. I´m guessing that this won´t be an exception.