MySpace To Open-up Platform

At the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday MySpace's Chris DeWolfe and Newscorp's Rupert Murdoch unveiled some of their plans for opening-up MySpace. They'll be doing this in stages over the next few months:

  • In the next few weeks will be catalog of widgets and tools available on MySpace.
  • Following that will be an API-based Platform. At first this will be in a more limited ' Sandbox' mode available to 1-2 million users.
  • Users ratings and feedback will be used to determine which apps move from the sandbox to all users
  • Application developers will be allowed to run their own advertising

In the dinner conversation with John Battelle, Rupert Murdoch wryly reminded the audience that despite the current news around Facebook that: "[Facebook] is very different from us. More of a utility. We are different, and despite all the hype, we seem to be growing faster." More at TechCrunch and O'Reilly Radar.

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