myTomorrows Opens API Access to Clinical Trial Data

myTomorrows announced an open API for access to its database of information related to clinical trials of investigational drugs. Through the API, developers gain programmatic access to data from over 300,000 trials. Prior to the launch, the same data was available to both doctors and patients through myTomorrows' website. myTomorrows believes both patients and doctors can benefit from API access, because both parties can access and utilize data in their existing environments.

"Opening the myTomorrows database is a big push forward to make comprehensive and uniform information on clinical trials freely accessible to anybody who needs it," Robert Kraal, myTomorrows COO, commented in a press release. "We hope to see further applications grow out of our data to better serve unmet medical needs globally and advance drug development."

The interface allows users to search, filter, and download entire datasets from historical clinical trials. The data is pulled from the World Health Organization's Primary Registry Network. The network was established to exchange information and work collaboratively to establish best practices for clinical trials.

"We have built the API with the intention of making it accessible for the largest group of stakeholders," Sander Nagtegaal, myTommorows CTO, added in the press release. "Using a very simple approach, any programmer can directly access the data in a friendly human-readable format and structure."

The API is free to use and no registration is required. The RESTful API allows users to explore treatment options and match patients to clinical trials and expanded access programs. For more details, myTomorrows encourages developers to check out the official API docs. Those interested can visit the terms of service for permissions and restrictions. For specific questions, email the team at

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