MZ Announces $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge to Promote Platform

MZ; creator of Game of War - Fire Age and now a global, scalable data Platform; just announced the launch of what it calls, "the world's only free, live data platform." MZ calls the platform Satori, and it coalesces open data from across the globe into live, streaming data. In turn, developers gain continuous access to the live data. To promote Satori, MZ created a $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge.

The Challenge is a 90-day contest where developers republish open data feeds on Satori with the goal of creating the "Most Impactful Live Data Channel." Winning channels will display Satori's speed and scale while demonstrating ways in which the platform can positively impact human lives. With over 10 paying awards available, first prize will win $500,000.

"Right now the state of open data is a mess," MZ co-founder and CEO, Gabe Leydon, commented in a press release. "We created Satori as a free platform where developers can access live, streaming data from around the world, and use it to positively impact people, businesses, cities, countries, and the world - all for free."

MZ began building the platform for its own business use in distributing mobile games (e.g. Game of War - Fire Age, Mobile Strike, etc.) to massive audiences. Such distribution requires a platform that can serve complex, simultaneous interactions for millions of players across the globe in a single data stream. High throughput, ultra-low latency, and essentially endless scalability is required to support MZ's mobile game demand, and now MZ is offering the platform to data consumers and producers across all industries. Satori exists to serve the growing ecosystem of live data apps.

A quick glance at the Satori site reveals massive live datasets organized in channels. For example, the platform already hosts over 5 million RSS feeds. Other channel examples include Twitter statuses sample, Wikipedia recent changes, Github public events, Bitcoin transactions, the list goes on. The Satori Docs include instructions for the two essential platform users: data publishers and subscribers. Further, the docs break down various methods of engaging with the data: Live Messaging (RTM), Live Discovery, Live Reactions, Satori client SDKs, Open Live Data Portal, and the Dev Portal. The point of these tools is to make "cloud-based messaging...a free commodity for everyone, with practically no limits on messages."

Learn more at the challenge site.

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