Nanogrid’s Energy Optimization API Enables Intelligent Charging Infrastructure

Recently, a company called Nanogrid was acquired by Arcadia, a company that provides renewable energy solutions, through this acquisition, the companies plan to further invest in NanoGrid’s energy optimization API. This API enables the development of more intelligent and cost-effective energy solutions. 

Nanogrid notes that its API combines data from smart utility metering, utility rate data, and proprietary modeling software in order to provide autonomous energy management solutions. Developers can leverage this technology in order to create integrations that prioritize energy usage during off-peak hours based on charging rates, simulate and estimate energy costs for devices, and build products that combine these efforts. 

The capabilities provided by this API are especially useful as the global fleet of vehicles moves more toward electrification. Jon McKay, Nanogrid's CEO and co-founder told Ars Technica that:

"A driver would preset their expected departure time when they sign up for this service (in a pre-pandemic world, they might go to work every day at 8 am). Then, after they go for a drive and come home, they'll plug their vehicle in. At that point, the technology powered by Nanogrid tells the vehicle not to charge right away because it's too expensive or dirty."

In addition to electric vehicles, buildings are also being constructed to better leverage this kind of smart electrification, and older buildings are being retrofitted with the same goal.  

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