NASA Challenges Developers to Create Innovative Earth and Space Apps, RESTful API for SkyMorph Imagery

The International Space Apps Challenge is an annual technology development event that focuses on solving challenges related to life on earth and space exploration. The 2-day global event is hosted by NASA in collaboration with over 100 partner organizations including the European Space Agency, National Science Foundation and Department of Energy. The International Space Apps Challenge is looking for developers to create innovative and inspiring apps. This year's over 50 app challenges include Comparing Earth Landscapes, Tour of the Moon, "Catch a Meteor" Tracker, Database of Near Earth Objects and Develop a SkyMorph Imagery API.

International Space Apps Challenge

Image Credit: International Space Apps Challenge

SkyMorph is a massive database of optical images and catalogs generated by the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) program. The SkyMorph Imagery API Challenge is looking for developers to create a RESTful API that allows for programmatic access to SkyMorph imagery. The API should include bulk querying functionality and improve access to SkyMorph data.

The creation of a SkyMorph Imagery API could offer many possibilities including the ability to create really interesting third-party apps where users can track changes to stars and discover near-earth moving objects like comets and asteroids. In the press release, Nick Skytlan the Program Manager of NASA's Open Innovation Program, says about the event:

"What sets apart the International Space Apps Challenge from other events is that this is a collaborative opportunity to engage people from all over the world to participate in space exploration and develop state-of-the-art technology to improve life on Earth and in space."

The International Space Apps Challenge will take place on April 20-21, 2013 in over 75 cities worldwide. For more information, visit

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