NASA to Release New API Catalog

NASA announced the construction of a new site, The site will catalog the numerous APIs the space agency maintains to structure access to its numerous and massive data sets. Data remains one of NASA's greatest resources, yet NASA clearly understands that data without access proves useless.

"Data is one of the most important assets at NASA," NASA Presidential Innovation Fellow Dan Hammer wrote in a blog post. "We have data on comets, measurements of mars, and real-time imagery of earth. But what good is data if you can't access it? Not good at all!"

NASA continues to expand its API portfolio and can list more than 30 APIs to its name. A recent API release, Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), constitutes one of the U.S. government's most popular sites. APOD receives more than 3.5 million views each month. From Earth imagery and NASA patents to gridded Earth temperature and CO2 data, NASA continues to provide programmatic access to some of the richest data sets in the world.

While continues to develop, those interested in the agency's current API offerings can browse NASA's Data Portal. The Data Portal lists all publicly available data sets, plus a get-started guide and in-depth API Documentation. Each data set on the portal has an API. NASA has not yet released specific details on or a time line for production. Trust that the site will provide streamlined access to NASA's rich API set and propel its open strategy forward. Stay tuned.

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