NationBuilder Launches New Platform and API

NationBuilder, a community organization system, has announced the launch of the brand new NationBuilder Platform and the release of the brand new NationBuilder API which helps developers to create community organizing-driven applications.

NationBuilder is a nonpartisan, open platform that allows users to create, grow and manage online communities (a community is called a nation) centered around community organizing and common causes. Users can create community organization websites, access a people database, and use communication tools such as email, text messaging and social media.


The new NationBuilder API allows developers to create applications that incorporate NationBuilder's community organizing system functionality using a variety of endpoints including (but not limited to):

  • People API - Interface with the people information stored in your nation.
  • Campaign Data API - Get the nation's metadata on campaign information.
  • Donations API - Access the donations made to the nation.
  • Calendars API - Get information about the calendars the nation manages.
  • Events API - Get information about the events the nation manages.
  • Blog Posts API - Interface with the blog posts that make up a blog on a nation.
  • Webhooks API - Interface to creating webhooks from the API.

There are several client libraries and code examples available which include Ruby, PHP and Python. Developers interested in using the NationBuilder platform and API can find more information on the Developer Website.

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