Nationwide Building Society Pilots Sandbox to Test Mortgage Broker API Integrations

Nationwide Building Society, the world's largest mutual financial institution and the UK's second-largest mortgage provider, has introduced an API Sandbox. The sandbox mirrors its live service offerings which include multiple APIs. APIs include a Utility APIs, Account Information APIs, Payment Initiation APIs, Funds Confirmation APIs, and Open Data APIs.

"The launch of our API sandbox is a significant moment for Nationwide and the sector and we're excited to be innovating and learning in partnership with a number of third parties in a test ahead of rolling out this new technology to the whole market," Ian Andrew, Nationwide's Director of Intermediary Relationships, commented in a news announcement. "We hope this gives brokers back valuable time to help more clients or focus on other activity."

The sandbox is currently in a pilot release. Pilot partner systems gain programmatic access to Nationwide's credit risk and back-office systems. Prior to this API connectivity, brokers and other third parties used separate systems to collect client information and other data required to complete the mortgage process. The sandbox, and all of Nationwide's APIs, aim to reduce redundant systems and streamline the exchange of data.

Developers interested in Nationwide APIs should visit the developer site. There, developers can sign up, test APIs in the sandbox and prepare to go live with an integrated application or service. The full API documentation is available at the site and a full roadmap and changelog are available.

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