NativeScript 6.0 Release Focuses on Developer Productivity

NativeScript 6.0 is now available. The open-source Framework for building cross- Platform native Web and mobile applications specifically focused on developer productivity with the 6.0 release. Examples of increased developer productivity include faster patch delivery, additional out of the box functionality, additional pre-built scenarios that avoid custom development, and specific tools driving the development experience.

Faster patch delivery comes through NativeScript AppSync. AppSync enables developers to deliver a new version of an app instantly. If needed, for security purposes or otherwise, developers can force users to use the latest update. This was the most requested feature from the NativeScript community, and the feature is currently in beta testing.

Out of the box, NativeScript now comes with Core Theme v2. Core Theme arms developers with a consistent and attractive UI that developers can build with. Key features include a Dark and Light skin option, Kendo themes and code sharing, and support for the Material specification. Core Theme is plug and play in the 6.0 release.

NativeScript also includes additional pre-built scenarios to make developers more productive. Examples include an improved TabView, font icon support, Android X support, Bundle workflow, and more. For a complete update, visit the blog post announcement.

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