The Navionics Mapping API: For Life Where the Road Ends

Navionics announced a new web mapping API in Java to bring its navigation charts and other content to developers. The Navionics API is free, and is not to be incorporated in a fee-based website at this point. Of the three tiers for pricing, silver, gold and platinum, the API does not access the top of the line product. Languages supported are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. A sign up is required to access the API's technical information.

Crucially, Navionics states, "we do not support GPS or tracking features and the data cannot be used for Navigation."

According to a press release pubished on outdoorsFIRST,

...the new Navionics Web API not only allows developers to add bathymetric maps of the seas, lakes and oceans to their website, but also lets them layer location-based content of their choice over the Navionics chart. An exceptional reference tool that offers unlimited potential uses, the charts can be integrated with common third party maps such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, and offer the same exceptional, localized Navionics data shown on chartplotters and mobile devices. The Web API maps feature a full search Function, and precise Navionics data including tides and currents.

Navionics also  offers services on land, most notably ski apps for tracking, routing, snow reports, resort maps, and more.

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