Need a Vanity Phone Number? Call 888-API-DEPOT

The phone isn't dead yet. And vanity toll free numbers, which use words to be memorable, are something even small businesses can now afford. And now you can search them via an API--and make money when your users reserve a number.

Custom Toll Free recently announced its API, which lets you find available numbers by keyword. The system automatically determines the most valuable numbers and bubbles those to the top of the results.

There are a few other commands, in addition to finding new numbers. You can perform a reverse lookup, to learn who (if anyone) owns a particular number. You can also find out what a number spells. Lastly, your code can reserve the number directly, allowing your customers to call dibs on the great vanity number your application helped them find.

Developers can join the Custom Toll Free affiliate program, which allows you to earn income when your users reserve numbers. The affiliate program also appears to be the only way to access the API, though you can check out our Toll Free Search API profile and their documentation to make sure the service has what you need.

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