Netflix Gains Significantly by Moving its API to the Cloud

Organizations continue to grapple with making a choice between building their own data center or using a public cloud infrastructure. It sure helps to learn about successful case studies of mainstream companies making a successful move to the cloud. Netflix, with a popular Netflix API of its own, has turned to a cloud provider to scale many areas of the video streaming company's service.

Netflix has seen significant growth in the past year. In order to cater to this growth, it decided to move its API and other services over to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The details on Netflix’s move to AWS, the planning, the benefits it has got from this move were provided by Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix in a discussion with Randy Bias, CEO of Cloudscaling.

Key points to note from the interview include:

  • Focus on your business value and let the large cloud vendors take care of the infrastructure.
  • Design for failure when it comes to moving your applications to the cloud.
  • Moving to the cloud has seen significant reduction in costs for Netflix due to Scaling and pay as per usage costs of AWS

A lot of the points discussed in the interview are also captured in a detailed presentation titled “Netflix in the Cloud” (embedded below):

By moving to the public cloud, Netflix has clearly decided to concentrate on providing more value to its offering rather than spend its resources building out the cloud infrastructure. That is best left to the companies who are in that business. Companies with much smaller operations or even those just making a start could take a leaf out of Netflix’s move and concentrate on your core offering and let the cloud do the rest.

Hat tip: ReadWriteWeb

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