Neurotechnology Introduces Face Verification SDK for Facial Authentication

Neurotechnology, Lithuania-based deep learning and biometric technology solution provider, has introduced its Face Verification SDK. The SDK enables app and device makers to integrate facial Authentication into their products. Once integrated, the SDK provides enhanced security through biometric face recognition and liveness detection. The company is specifically targeting banks, payment processors, login providers and other apps and services that require enhanced security.

"There's high demand for biometric authentication right now in order to comply with the latest information security regulations set by governments and institutions," Antonello Mincone, Neurotechnology Business Development Manager, commented in a press release. "Face Verification SDK provides a highly flexible solution for a variety of biometric facial authentication use cases along with a deployment model that adapts to the change requirements and rapid scalability required for use in payment and consumer markets."

The Face Verification SDK includes a subset of functionality of the company's more comprehensive VeriLook SDK. Accordingly, the Library size is smaller and can be deployed in smaller installations. Despite the more limited capability and size, the SDK complies with the ISO 19794-5 standard for ICAO face image checks.

The Face Verification SDK is based on the VeriLook algorithm. Features include live face detection, face image quality determination, a 15 degree tolerance for face position, multiple samples of the same face, and features generalization mode. A deployment mechanism is included to assist developers to deploy the SDK in transaction-based environments.

The SDK is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Neurotechnology has published a demo app for Android. Those interested can download an SDK trial.

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