Never Miss A Beat With The WhatsNew? API

Adding new features, service updates or interesting content to your business blog is great, but how do you ensure that your users know the cool new stuff is even there? Using a tool like WhatsNew is one way to tackle this issue. It's a service that provides an easy way to show repeat visitors what's new in a given service or application. The WhatsNew API offers even more flexibility, as it allows developers to customise the WhatsNew widget to better suit their specific needs.


Here's how it works:

  • The blog owner signs up and adds a new Feed.
  • The blog owner then gives WhatsNew their RSS feed so that the service can tell whenever there is a new blog post.
  • The blog owner makes use of the JavaScript code in their pages, enabling the service to track their users based on cookies.
  • When a user visits the site, the service checks if there were any new updates since their last visit and notifies them accordingly.

In addition to this, WhatsNew also provides its users with detailed analytics on things like page views, widget views and total clicks. It also provides information on the number of impressions and clicks per blog post, giving insight as to which posts are catching a user's attention.


WhatsNew's works as is, but by providing a JavaScript API, the system makes customisation a possibility. Options include things like customising the height of the widget, overlay content, greetings, notification style and more. Further information is available on the WhatsNew website.

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