Never Miss an Exciting Game With This API

Here's a novel API just added to our listings this week: RUWT: Are You Watching This?, a service designed for sports fans who never want to miss an exciting sporting event in progress. The idea is simple: get email or text alerts whenever "a game gets good" like a no-hitter in the seventh inning or a double overtime match. Their algorithm-driven robot RUWTbot along with "roots" from the user community trigger an alert that gives you the score, time left, and channel you need to watch to catch the game.


Games get a numerical rating in ranges from Guarded, to Elevated, High and Severe. As they ask: "Doing Laundry. Raking the leaves. Went to sleep early. Are any of these worthwhile reasons for missing the next instant classic? No, we didn't think so either."

The REST-based API lets you build on this data, perhaps to integrate with a DVR, build a widget, etc. All data is returned in XML. RUWT-specific data elements include "points" which is their rating and "timeLeft" with values like "3rd Quarter - 4:30", or "End of 1st". Sample queries include: Yankees Games, cable and satellite providers in Boston, MA, or all Canadian Football teams.

This isn't the only sports-related API listed on PW: we now have 4 APIs tagged "sports" and 27 tagged "messaging".

John Musser

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