New AddThis Social Brand Advocates Service Helps Brands Engage With Loyal Consumers

AddThis, a leading social infrastructure and analytics Platform, has just announced the release of Social Brand Advocates, a new managed marketing service created to help companies connect and engage with consumers that are loyal and enthusiastic about their brands. In addition to marketing services, AddThis offers social plugins, analytics and consumer engagement tools as well as a variety of APIs and SDKs that allow developers to integrate the AddThis platform into websites and applications.


Image Credit: AddThis

The AddThis Social Brand Advocates service was created to help brand marketers reach loyal consumers not only on social networks but across the web, even when they are "off-network." When used with the AddThis for Ads service, Social Brand Advocates can help brand marketers reach target consumers in real-time through ad units and the appropriate platform. In the press release, Bob Arnold, Digital and Social Media Director at Kellogg Company is quoted as saying:

"Social activity about our brand happens across the entire web. AddThis allows us to tap into that activity across 14M domains. Through their social impact campaigns, we are able to target our brand advocates to generate more earned media and greater campaign ROI."

For developers, AddThis offers a variety of easy-to-use social plugins, APIs and SDKs that make it possible to integrate the AddThis platform into web and mobile applications. AddThis APIs available at the time of this writing include (but not limited to):

  • Client API - Adds AddThis sharing tools (button, menu, or toolbox) to web pages.
  • Welcome Bar API - Adds a Welcome Bar at the top of a web page that displays a specific call to action for the site user.
  • Trending Content Box API - Displays popular content of your site.
  • Sharing Endpoints API - Allows sharing between any website supported by the AddThis platform.
  • Analytics API - Allows programmatic access to the AddThis analytics data of your website.
  • Services API - provides a list of AddThis supported sharing services, along with their icons and service metadata in JSON, JSONP and XML formats.

According to the official website, over 14 million websites currently use AddThis social plugins and analytics which reaches 1.3 billion unique users worldwide each month. In addition, AddThis plugins are loaded over 3 billion times a day which generates 10 terabytes of data every day.

Peggy Fry, President of Publisher and Advertiser Solutions at AddThis, says in the press release that:

"Test partners have seen 3X increases in ad conversions. Brand Advocates and AddThis for Ads create a branding solution that allows advertisers to tap into AddThis' massive, web-wide reach while remaining confident that they are reaching their most loyal and enthusiastic followers in the right place via the right platform and ad unit."

To learn more about the new AddThis Social Brand Advocates service or for more information about AddThis plugins, APIs and other services, visit

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