New Amazon APIs make Front Porch Devices Smarter

Amazon announced three APIs that bring new features to smart home cameras and doorbells. The Doorbell Events Source API, Motion Sensor API, and 2-Way Communication API enable new Integration capabilities between Alexa and smart home devices. In each case, users gain more functionality to communicate and/or take action based on interactions at the users' front doors.

The Doorbell Event Source is an Endpoint that triggers events based on interaction with a smart doorbell. Examples include Alexa plays a doorbell announcement across Echo devices, Alexa routes doorbell announcements to mobile devices, and many more. Using the Doorbell Event Source endpoint is prompted by a press of the doorbell through the Doorbellpress event. Visit the Doorbell Event Source Docs for more information.

The Motion Sensor interface is used when an endpoint has the capacity to sense physical movement, and senses physical movement in the given area. Alexa.MotionSensor is the endpoint used to act after motion is detected. Alexa can play an announcement, turn on lights, play music, or other features based on motion detection. For more information, check out the Motion Sensors Docs.

Finally, the 2-Way Communication API allows smart devices, integrated with Alexa, to allow Real time communications in both directions. On the Amazon-side, devices utilize Echo Show and Echo Spot features. Currently, only WebRTC compliant cameras or WebRTC bridges to Alexa are supported. Learn more at the Alexa Docs. Amazon has partnered with smart home device makers August and Ring to get these new APIs into the field.

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