New AOL Mashup Competition

Yesterday AOL and TopCoder announced the Web AIM Mashup Competition, with more here in the press release. They are offering prizes up to $5,000 to a developer who creates the best mashups built on their new OpenAIM initiative. The contest window is short and entries are due by December 6th. See also our /contests page. AOL has been making a notable push in the open API space this year and is gaining some traction: 50,000 developers have registered for Open AIM. Their main developer home page is the recently revamped and much improved and their AIM-specific developer site is You can find 10 AOL APIs at ProgrammableWeb including some you may not have realized they have. And below is an example of a mashup built with AOL Video API, a Finnish mashup of video services, HakuHaku.


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Comments (2)

[...] My friends (and clients) at AOL have announced a mashup contest with TopCoder utilizing their new AIM APIs.  Folks are noticing it.  We’ll be building some ‘whimsicals’ of our own.  That’s what AOL calls their ‘Widgets’ - whimsicals.  [...]

[...] Speaking of last week’’s post on contests, there are actually 4 mashup competitions ending this month, including one today. Besides AOL’s contest, others ending in the next few weeks including the GoodStorm API Developer Challenge, the GeoIQ Mashup Contest and the ClearForest Semantic Web Services Contest from ProgrammableWeb sponsor ClearForest. [...]