The New API for AIM

Bigger-than-average API news this week. First is AOL, with the world's largest IM community, has announced an API for AIM. Developers can now create applications and mashups on top of their messaging infrastructure using an officially sanctioned API, althoughfolks have been doing it via GAIM and others before. The core capabilities include: AIM Presence, AIM Plugins and AIM Custom Client.

Any limitations? Of course there are a few worth noting:

  • Developers are not permitted to build Custom Clients that are multi-headed or interoperable with any other IM network.
  • Custom Clients developed for use on a mobile device or via a wireless telecommunications carrier's network and/or wireless services require separate licensing and business agreements with AOL.
  • Custom Clients designed for sale to a corporate customer base or to serve a corporate employee base require separate licensing and business agreements with AOL.

But still, one step at a time. You can read more about this from Marc Canter, at eWeek, Slashdot and PC Magazine.

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