New APIs and a Chance to Win $10K

As follow-up to this week's post on APIs for chat, lending and payments, we're continuing to see a variety of interesting new APIs added to the ProgrammableWeb directory. Here are the latest two entrants and a new API contest:

  • Poly9 FreeEarth API: FreeEarth is slick 3D Flash-based web globe that's also an interesting example of an application being both a mashup and an API provider. As a mashup they leverage geographic data from the the Pushpin API. As an API, they offer JavaScript that lets you set a map's location, animate and move the map, display world flags, and update the infowindow. For more coverage on FreeEarth check-out O'Reilly Radar yesterday.
  • Voxbone API: Voxbone "is the leading VoIP carrier providing local phone numbers and toll-free numbers around the world." They offer this SOAP-based Web Service that allows transparent sales and management of voice over IP-based phone numbers and accounts.

Note that Voxbone this week launched the Voxbone API Development Contest with a first place prize of $10,000. This is now listed on our Mashup Contests page.

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