New APIs: Astrology, Buses and PDFs

Want more APIs to work with? We've been adding an average of one-per-day over the past two weeks. Three of the news ones added earlier this week give you programmatic access to astrology forecasts, bus and subway routes, and a way to convert HTML to PDF. Here they are:

  • The Astrologer: As they note "We built the number one astrology site on the web, starting back in 1995. Now we are back to bring you The Astrologer, a revolution in personal astrology." Their new REST-based API gets you a daily horoscope in XML. API infrastructure support comes from Mashery.
  • HopStop: As they note "HopStop is your city transit guide. We provide door-to-door subway and bus directions and maps for New York City. You can also search for places to eat, drink, sleep and see in the City Guide. Use the API to integrate mass-transit and walking directions into your own website." It is a SOAP API you can use to do things like GetRoute, GetCity, GetMap and other transit and city-specific functions. The service got some good press this week like this TechCrunch summary yesterday.
  • HTML2PDF: Convert HTML and websites into PDF files using this service. Commercial edition includes libraries to use with PHP, Java, and .NET.

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