New APIs: Book Publishing and Gov Search

Two new APIs added over the past couple of days are SharedBook, for reverse publishing of web content and Cicero, a tool for finding US elected officials by address. There are now 410 APIs listed.

  • SharedBook: An interesting new service for reverse publishing, so among other things you can turn web sites, including user-generated content, directly into printed books. "SharedBook is a technology company that has created an on demand, reverse publishing platform that allows users to extract data and content from multiple sources, manipulate it, then distribute their unique new creation online or off. It's different from other APIs in that, instead of writing an interface to extract data from us, you'll be creating a new way to introduce data into our private and secure book creation system."
  • Cicero: A web service designed for precise address-based identification of US elected officials for municipalities in which representation is determined geographically. It interprets addresses and determines the appropriate district, whether ward, council district, or other designation. Does not cover all areas.

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<strong>SharedBook in the News</strong>

It probably comes as no surprise that we’re all fans of SharedBook here and dedicated to our mission of freeing the Web. For a change of pace, we thought it might be nice to see what some others have had

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