New APIs: Books, Email and User Reviews

Following-up on this week's earlier review of News, Social Media, and SMS APIs, here's what else is newly listed: an API for book searching, an API for email management, and an API for managing social reviews.

  • Random House API: The book publisher Random House describes their API as "a set of programming tools that allow internet applications to view and search digitized book content. Through the Insight Service, keyword searches can get inside actual book content and find matches against the full text of the book. Insight can then serve up the pages of the book in different formats depending on the needs of the developer: for example, pages can be displayed in high-quality image formats for optimal viewing or speedy little thumbnails for quick review." For more, see Alex Iskold's good analysis at Read/WriteWeb.
  • Publicaster API: Blue Sky Factory offers this SOAP-based API for managing their mailing list services. Note that there are now 15 APIs on PW tagged email.
  • coRank API: This REST API ties-into coRank's core service for setting-up collaborative sharing and review sites.

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