New APIs: Domains, Email and Voice

With the latest set of APIs listed at ProgrammableWeb you could: find a name for your new web domain, report on its health, setup email campaigns to promote it, and integrate it with PSTN voice services. Here's a quick rundown of what they are:

  • Domain Tools API: This XML API provides domain resellers and registrars access to their name search services. Nice to see that they eat their own dog food by using their API themselves. (And it was just last week they DomainTools were also listed as a mashup given their use of the Compete API).
  • API: This free network and site monitoring service offers a REST-based API. Besides our listing you can also learn more on their wiki.
  • WhatCounts API: Once you have your site you can market it with WhatCounts and their targeted permission-based email messaging, interactive two-way dialogues, and personalized RSS content syndication. Their SOAP-based APIs allow you to setup subscribers, lists and content. One of 9 APIs tagged "email".
  • Jaduka API: As announced at O'Reilly's ETel Conference, the Jaduka API gives developers direct access to the ubiquitous public switched telephone network (PSTN). Build voice-enabled business applications that can be used with any existing telephone -- wired, VoIP or wireless.

And also just added, the Democracy In Action API, one of 7 APIs here tagged "government".

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