New APIs: Email, Video, and Time

Looking for more APIs to combine using your favorite new mashup tool? 19 APIs have been added here in the last 30 days. Some are consumer-focused APIs and others have a distinctly more enterprise flavor.

  • Stikkit API: The "little yellow notes that think", offer a pretty rich REST-based API to their service and they support an unusually wide variety of data formats including Atom, vCard, iCal, JSON and Text. Nicely documented as well. [via O'Reilly Radar]
  • API: Well established email hosting provider offers three sets of APIs: Webmail, Reseller and Business.
  • DAVE.TV API: Offers an API to their video distribution services. API allows things like account management, content uploading and search.
  • SlimTimer API: This handy little time tracker offers an API.
  • Tictrak API: Speaking of keeping time, use this API to integrate with Tiktrac's online timesheet management software.
John Musser

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