New APIs Expand Line's Third Party Integration and Chatbot Capabilities

Messaging app Line first announced chatbots in March of this year. The launch was a test and the company limtied developers to 10,000 bots. Now, Line will take its chatbot game to the next level with the launch of its Messaging API. The Line Messaging API directly aims to simplify bot creation for the developer community. The API brings three new message types to developers' hands: confirm type (i.e. type that triggers "yes" or "no" responses), button type (i.e. combines pictures, text and other action buttonns), and carousel type (i.e. allows button type data to display horizontally for multiple content display).

"These new message types sent by chatbots allow companies to realize a smoother Line-based contact point with users for their services and content," the company commented in a press release. "Line plans to introduce even more message types in the future."

In addition to the three new message types available, the Message API also allows chatbots to be included in group chats. To complement the Message API, Line also announced Line Notify. Line Notify constitutes an API service that allows third party apps and services to send notifications to users as Line messages. Namely, users can receive messages regarding external apps/accounts/services without leaving the Line Platform. This feature could keep users on the Line platform for more activity.

"[Line Notify] is connected with the Web-task automation tool IFTTT, which means that users can receive weather information, e-mails including specified keywords or other notification messages from various services without anyone performing any additional coding," the company continued.

In addition to the API release, Line introduced an official SDK. The SDK supports Java, Go, Ruby, PHP, and Perl 5. Line believes the API and SDK combo should make it much easier to create chatbots to engage users on the Line platform. Chatbots are becoming more and more popular for leading messaging platforms to better engage users, and Line's new APIs specifically enable more flexibility and access to the Line platform specifically for chatbot activity.  

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