New APIs: GPS, Hosting, People Search

Besides the new APIs from Google and new Yahoo APIs in the past week, there's been some nicely diverse APIs added our listings. An API for management of on-demand hosting, a social people search API, and a Web Service API from the leading GPS device manufacturer.

  • SoftLayer API: On-demand hosting provider SoftLayer provides this innovative API "to give our customers the choice of taking control of their hosted servers using any program capable of handling the XML-based SOAP network protocol. This API may be used in tandem with our management Portal, in lieu of it, or not at all." There will certainly be customers who will want to use this to integrate off-site and on-site systems management.
  • Wink: A new JavaScript API that taps into their search for finding people at social networks like MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn and Friendster.
  • Garmin MotionBased API: Leading GPS device manufacturer Garmin has announced this new web service API. It's not directly for the devices themselves, but instead for their companion web site MotionBased. It's a site that "translates GPS data into functional analysis and online mapping for endurance and outdoor athletes." Note that the API itself is not yet available but the preview site is live, with docs, etc.

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