New APIs: Lifestreaming and Online Games

We added a few new web services to our API listings yesterday, bringing the total to 559. Two of this latest batch include one API for "lifestreaming" as well as an online gaming API which gives you access to a turn-based multiplayer strategy game. Here's a quick overview:

  • Aevum Obscurum API: The AO API allows connecting to Royal AO, a multiplayer strategy game, providing services to poll games, players, standings, news, game maps and signatures. The game's developers at Noble Master suggest using the API for game management: "Game management enables game creation. Interested organizing tournaments from your own web site? Want to organize a league?" Their own Records Server is built using their API.
  • Slifeshare API: This service offers a REST-based API to their "lifestreaming network" that lets you "share and discover media among friends, lets you stay in touch, see what your friends are up to and find new sites, videos, photos and music based on the interests of your community."

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