New APIs: Media Sharing, Q and A, and Politics

The latest APIs added to ProgrammableWeb once again cover quite a range: new web services for photo and media sharing, questions and answers, authorizing online payments, and getting details on your US government representatives.

  • Use the extensive APIs from to manage media, do geo-searches, check profiles, manage blogs, post comments, and manage profiles. Both REST and SOAP APIs are provided.
  • Answerbag: They're calling this the first social Q&A API. Access 300,000 answers to 100,000 questions. The service provides all of its core question and answer data through a set of read-only API Calls, and it also provides write API calls that allow the writing of content to its database.
  • Authorize.Net: Use these APIs when you need to authorize credit card transactions on your ecommerce web site. With SSL support of course.
  • Who is my Representative?: Give this API a US zip code and get back XML-formatted information on your representation in Congress.

There are now 382 APIs listed.

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